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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Ola, tudo bem?

While the world faces so much transgression presently, it challenges me to overview who am I and what my principals are?!

Portugal colonised Mozambique and began to monopolise the agriculture coming out of there. In 1962 Frelimo was formed and in 1964 fought a war against Renamo. They received their independence in 1974 after a peace settlement. Afterwards a civil war took place from 1977- 1992 which in fact was a proxy war between the Soviet Union backing the Mozambican Government against the rebels backed by the United States. Either way my parents had moved to Portugal after Frelimo took over.

I say that to say my roots involve all this turmoil, my parents and their parents lives was effected by these political wars and in result losing their land and forcing them to move to Portugal. Being the sprout of a seed from that turmoil I have had to grow and embody the post struggles from that ( but that’s life).

My parents later moved me to the U.K. for educational purposes and to keep me away from running with the wrong crowd. I remember going to school and not understanding English, not able to communicate what I was going through at the time as a youth. Changes of cultures, change of people and environment kind of f****d me up. Through maturity I have encountered various adversities in my life such as being jobless, street life, religion, addiction, seizures, mental health and the list goes on… now, I appreciate having to face all my challenges because of the character it builds. I always identify myself with the struggle because it describes the fight for progression, change, transformation and that’s what I strive to do.

I have lived in the U.K. for over 20 years and thank my parents for providing me with the privilege which I have today. I am very mindful and proud of who I am and where I come from.

P.S. #Haveanuday!

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