An Artist's Process

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

There is a process involved within every piece an artist makes. In my opinion the genius of the artist lies within the surrendering of his mind to the creative cosmos. Every piece has a story and it's inspired by a thought. Ultimately that's why art cost so much because you are buying into the genius of the artist, that window moment in time.

As an artist, I do question where do thoughts come from? You can be a stockbroker, lawyer, doctor, teacher and so on, whatever field you're in, whatever age you may be 6 or 60 there is a stream of thoughts running through humanity at this very moment and I believe there is different channels of frequency within that stream.

Educational, Military and Correctional facilities are the only institutions available to mould the future minds and their train of thought. Kanye West is one of the frontiers that is vocal about being a free thinker and in result is ridiculed by the media for rational comments. I believe there is a process for everything but something I don't agree with is how the process is manged at times because it can be corrupted in result of it.

Over some years I have set myself to go through some different processes to change my train of thoughts. Through this process you have to create your own system to be self governed as the Institutions that run our society and communities sort of speak... they lack the sharing of knowledge on how to create order  and govern ourselves, nevertheless this is the reason why they are able to maintain power by creating chaos.

Moral of the story.., study on how to be self governed and create order around.

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