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Nadim M. Fonseca Bacai, also known as Nushei is a London based artist.

An expertise in independent art advisory, curating, concept - driven collections that blend aesthetic and investment value. 

He grew up in the art world since his parents were art dealers with ties to Mozambique's Frelimo Party. Throughout the Festa do Avante in Portugal, his family would sell artefacts and celebrate Mozambican culture, and as a result of such travels, Nushei would attend festivals and get experience selling artefacts and so a dream was conceived.

Nushei grew up liking art classes and proceeded to college to study art and design before venturing into graphic design. While in school, he created a distinct creative environment and opted to expand his portfolio and work with collectors and galleries while gaining independent experience. He aspires to create his own estate of artworks and ideas for the future, while also continuing in his parents' footsteps by showcasing Mozambican artefacts. 

He has lived in the United Kingdom, Mozambique, and Portugal, and his experiences have exposed him to the obstacles of starting a firm, and the trip has helped him polish his abilities. This experience taught him that art is broader than the world, and it is this idea, as well as his visual thoughts and discussions, that may be ignited by his works and lead to an investment in something bigger.


Nushei excels at establishing cross-cultural discussions, sales, and collaborations. He is a seasoned creative thinker and problem solver who has assisted firms in effectively entering new industries and developing new businesses to attract various audiences. His most recent collaboration with the London Borough of Hillingdon, the Hillingdon Stories project, speaks for itself.

His lifetime interest has been to improve access to the arts, with an emphasis on the human psyche and what is the untold tale of mankind. Nushei is available for consulting and speaking engagements in the areas of art and culture innovation, art education, and access.

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